Wednesday, November 29, 2006

JBoss Rules 3.0.5 is released

Version 3.0.5 is now available, from downloads and the plug-in update site. This is the latest release of our current "production" branch of JBoss Rules.

Watch this space for news of a milestone release very soon of the next major version.

Thanks to all out there who submitted bugs/fixes/patches and enhancements.

See below for Release Notes - JBoss Rules - Version 3.0.5 (note you can always get these from our JIRA issue tracking system when you want):


  • [JBRULES-410] - More than one Query definition causes an incorrect Rete network to be built.

  • [JBRULES-440] - Unable remove a rule package when it was added after it has been added and removed

  • [JBRULES-455] - java.lang.NullPointerException at org.drools.util.LinkedList.remove(Unknown Source) in 3.0.4 while not in 3.0.3

  • [JBRULES-459] - Literal constraint using 'null' triggers a NPE.

  • [JBRULES-475] - Error in documentation concerning the joining of constarints

  • [JBRULES-481] - LeftInputAdater.updateNewNode does incorrect propagation

  • [JBRULES-499] - Rule not rendering activation group correctly

  • [JBRULES-505] - Using a GLOBAL value in predicates in more than one rule - rule fails to evaluate correctly.

  • [JBRULES-506] - Exception thrown when retract, reassert and retract again

  • [JBRULES-523] - JoinNode and NotNode with empty binder throw exception with getConstraints()

  • [JBRULES-532] - Query feature doesnt seem to work if there is more than one query.

  • [JBRULES-539] - Combining self-exists() with calling QueryResults twice returns to much

  • [JBRULES-542] - Drools core 3.0.4 - Drools does not remove itself as a listener when Facts are Retracted

  • [JBRULES-548] - NPT when binding a variable and comparing that variable to another property of the same object the variable was bound from

  • [JBRULES-550] - NPE while removing and adding same package

  • [JBRULES-557] - Dynamically generated classes not accessed by drools classloader

  • [JBRULES-562] - Security Permission problem in Websphere 6.1

  • [JBRULES-566] - Not-Constraint is not working properly

Feature Request

  • [JBRULES-442] - Building from source failed: Serialisation / externalisation error

  • [JBRULES-444] - patch to support Notes attribute on decision table Package

  • [JBRULES-483] - Open Decision Table API to allow custom RuleSheetListeners

  • [JBRULES-544] - getQueryResults behavior: return null


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