Sunday, April 15, 2007

MGJUG - JBoss Rules Video - Breno Barros

Someone pointed this JUG video out to me, so thought I would post it, no idea what any of this means, so just posting as is :)

Vídeo da reunião do MGJUG sobre JBoss Rules. Ministrada no dia 08/03/2007 pelo Breno Barros.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Drools DotNet 3.0

JBoss Rules 3.0 has been ported to the .Net platform by the community using the great tool IKVM. The project, Drools DotNet is housed over at codehaus.

MSM-Combis Rule Editor

The JBoss Rules community eco-system continues to grow with a new project over at sourceforge, MSM-Combis Rule Editor -

I've downloaded and had a play with the editor and found it very novel, it's a very different approach that I hadn't seen before for graphically authoring rules; it uses inputs and outputs to represent the parts of the rules.

The system also allows you to specify your own models and provides data testing scenarios. They have plans to introduce other areas of AI like fuzzy logic and beyesian logic.

XPath and JBoss Rules integration with SXC

SXC (Simple XML Compiler)
SXC has just been released and is a must have for any SOA project - - best of all it comes with JBoss Rules integration :) SXC is a pluggeable XML compiler that provides a high performance streaming XPath parser with JBoss Rules integration. It allows you to specify XPath querries in your rules, as the XML is parsed those rules are then applied, you do not need to write additional XPath statements else where.
rule "AddresTest"
event : XPathEvent( expression == "/order/address[@country]" );
System.out.println("Success! - " + drools.getRule().getName());