Friday, May 11, 2007

Eclipse VE has become dormant

Seems Eclipse Visual Editor (VE) has hit hard times, see David Orme's blog, this is a very sad place for Eclipse to be with no FOSS alternative to Netbeans Matisee; I don't think the importance of a high quality FOSS GUI builder for SWT and JFACE should be underestimated. There is still the excellent commercial tool from Instantians, maybe IBM could acquire them and roll their tooling into Eclipse - this would help create a world class GUI platform for Eclipse.


  1. Instantiations tooling also covers swing and GWT (from their same front end) - obviously there is a lot in common with all VEs. So yeah, I second that. It would be an awesome indeed.

    I believe to get a VE working well, some nasty tricks have to be played, which are hard to translate across platforms, so I am not surprised that Eclipse VE stalled, its really hard work.

  2. Some random notes:
    VE is getting revived by Joe Winchester afaik. So let's give him time to regroup :-)
    (and give him a hand!)
    The most serious problemm in VE is the multi VM architecture.... I think that once solved so you use only one VM, the stuff could be zippy as hell.
    I have heard that some very large companies using VE for their software products did that already....