Wednesday, May 09, 2007

JBoss Rules 4.0 Milestone Release 2 is now available

JBoss Rules 4.0 Milestone Release 2 is now available. It includes the new BRMS system and Rule Flow.

Release Notes


  1. How "business analyst friendly" is the new version of JBoss Rules, in particular with regard to rules creation?

    I'm a nonprogrammer, working with a developer to create a JBoss Rules-driven web application. I've been frustrated by the apparent lack of a GUI that would allow me to create business rules within JBoss. Will this milestone release let me sidestep spreadsheet-based decision tables, etc., and develop rules within JBoss itself?

  2. 4.0 will include a "guided editor" for both the web and for the eclipse client. It won't write the rules for you and you still need to understand the basics to rule engines, but everything is drop down and form driven, so hopefully that will help.

  3. Mark,

    Great work on BRMS! I'm curious though...while I can load a java class as a model, the new fact pattern drop down is always empty. I installed using the war file. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Mark,

    I tried to build JBoss Rules ( from source by following the instructions (using Ant) in Drools Documentation but could not find the right "build.xml" in the source I got. Is there something I missed? Please advise.


  5. ant has been deprecated, and the documentation will not be updated until we feature freeze. the readme files in the checkout itself are however up to date and give full build instructions.