Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whats new in JBoss Rules 4.0 (link now fixed)

Today I had to give a 20 minute presentation on what's new in JBoss Rules 4.0. Obviously we have so much stuff we can't possibly get all of that across in 20 minutes, but I hope that I got the main points of interest in there. Anyway I thought others might be interested in the presentation, enjoy.

Whats new in JBoss Rules 4.0.pdf


Update 23-may-07
Sorry the link for this page was broken, it's now fixed.


  1. The link to the presentation is invalid: "Invalid download session. Please initialize download session again."

  2. hi there,

    same error for me as well.


  3. Thanks guys, I have fixed the link to download it from the wiki (at least I assume it is what Mark mentioned, its what he sent earlier to me).

  4. The web based rules manager is excellent.

    Yep , I know all the other changes at the rules level are more important / probably took more time, but it's the ability to edit and version rules that will probably get the most attention.