Monday, July 16, 2007

Essential Drools Blog Reading

Now that we are close to a release, and many people are looking for info on the new stuff, I've put together an essential readings blog entry, the two marked with a * I would consider particularly interesting. Enoy :)

Declarative Relational Programming *
Mind Mapping the Drools Expert System
API and Language changes

Rule Flow
Making decisions with Rule Flow and more wonderful screenshots :)
RuleFlow Constraint Editor and Code Completion (includes screenshots)
RuleFlow Intro

The BRMS has landed
Quick Start tutorial/movie for BRMS
Discount insurance brokers example for BRMS

Language Expressiveness: Another Take
JBoss Rules expressiveness goes to the next level
Dynamic Salience Expressions
Chained 'from', 'accumulate' and 'collect' *
Accumulate Functions

What is a "sequential" Rule Engine
Sequential Rete

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