Thursday, July 12, 2007

Full house at Drools SkillsMatter Session

The SkillsMatter session last night was a full house, people even came back after the half way break, the fools ;) So thank you everyone for making the effort to come and listen; I hope you all enjoyed it.

SkillsMatter should be putting up the presentation video soonish, however I don't think it will be worth while watching, I couldn't get the video project to display my presentations properly; all the text and lines where pixelated and colour wasn't showing through :(

The slides are available here

It's really hard to get across the basic theory of an expert system and then demo enough of the system that the audience feels they have a basic understanding of the capabilities of the system - in just two hours! I hope I got a reasonable balance. Anyway SkillsMatter have asked me if I'd like to come back and do some specialist sessions, to which I said yes - so expect me to come back to spend 2 hours talking about specific aspects of the Drools, for those already with the basics and wanting to understand more; please let us know what you'd like to see more of.


  1. Can you tell us roughly when the final version of 4.0 is expected? Is MR3 considered stable?

  2. Next week the final release will be out.

  3. It was a great session last night - it's inspired me to really dig deeper. One comment for future sessions; please don't assume that people don't want the theory - it really helps me to understand what's going on - and let's be honest, Rules comes with examples/code etc. so it's possible to sit and work things out. However, it's time consuming to work through books on expert systems theory and if someone who knows the background can give a distillation and map it onto the project, that would be a real hand-up.

  4. yay, someone that loves the theory :) It's a hard balance, I could see people's eye's glazing over, and two people falling asleep, as I got into the intricacies of the two phase system and conflict resolution (which is essential to understand the rule engine). So I switch to look at the demos, although I really wish I had time to demo the BRMS :( two hours just isn't enough.

    I think that in Sept we are going to try and organise a 6 hour session, maybe at the JBoss offices - from 10am to 4pm - where we will cover both theory and tooling.

    I also hope to get some more online live trails for the tooling.

  5. Loved the A-Team example. Who knew that a bondage starter kit could teach rule engine concepts (indirectly, anyway ;).

  6. do you have some sample web-based samples ( including JSPs and sourcode code to play with ) ???

  7. samar, we are working on some examples on how to use rules in a really simple app (use it from BRMS) - we have a stand alone java app example now, but we will have a web app one soon.

  8. Marc,
    I enjoyed that too.
    Naturally there are some who want more theory and others who want to see if this magic really works (and what it is good for). I think we covered a lot of stuff in 2 hours.
    Drop me a line via the "Contact Us" page on with your email address.

  9. Mark,

    No I didn't confuse you with the other guy last time!

    Not sure how to contact you (did you say your details were on this page?) re a potential talk in Paris.

    If you'd like to contact me see my previous post.


  10. Hey Guys,

    I was looking at your slides and they look extremely resourceful. But they are just slides and some content is missing. I have to admit, it already helps a lot to have that info, but I'm looking for more.

    Do you guys recommend some docs to read, some examples, tutorials, etc for DRools? Me and my team at college already have used DRools for a project and it's awesome. Now we're taking a higher step. Going for a bigger system, and more knowledge is required. And we don't have much time (you know how these things work).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you a lot, and nice job you've done. :)

  11. Okay, this google thing is acting weird.

    You can reach me on my email:

    Thanks again.