Monday, July 30, 2007

JBoss Drools BRMS Standalone

Now you can download BRMS standalone version, this distribution comes with a built-in Tomcat 5.5.20 web server and the insurance example as demo repository, so it runs out the box. If you want to test BRMS and don't have enough time to deploy, just follow to downloads page

Brief install guide

1. Install a Java Development Kit (JDK) from (avoid JREs, Java EEs, Netbeans, etc. on that page - you just want a JDK).

2. Set the JAVA_HOME variable to where you installed Java. Windows installers may do this for you.

3. Run bin/ (*nix) or bin\startup.bat (Windows). Check that there are no errors on the console. See below for troubleshooting advice.

4. Point your browser at http://localhost/ You should see brms's login box.


A common startup problem is when another program has claimed port 80, which BRMS is configured to run on by default. To avoid this port conflict, BRMS's port can be changed in conf/server.xml.

If you have installation (or other) problems, ask on the mailing lists or irc.


  1. Hi,

    I tried downloading from but i couldn't find anything to download at all.

  2. There where some problems with the standalone configuration, so we have had to take it down for a while. You can easily set this up though, just download jbossweb, add the jbrms war and then checkout or download the insurance example which is part of drools-examples and import it.

  3. There is nothing to download in the below URL,

  4. we've removed standalone for a while now, there where some issues with it. We will look to putting it back at a later date.