Wednesday, July 18, 2007

JBoss Drools vs JBoss Rules - Part Deux!

Having received community feedback 4.0 will start the push to reclaiming the Drools name. We are now updating the site to have Drools instead of JBossRules everywhere, the new logo is up and we have also put the logo up at the blog. We will be putting out a single release, Drools, so you won't find jbossrules*.zip for 4.0. The product side, for now, will still be called "JBoss Rules", simply because you can't change that side of things over night, sales people have to be retrained, sales material has to be updated, partners have to be communicated too - but in essence JBoss Rules is just JBoss Drools + support. So to help speed up this process, I would please encourage everyone now to use "JBoss Drools" in any articles, blogs, talks etc.

1 comment:

  1. Life is funny that way. Some people never liked the Drools name, while others did. Choosing a good name is hard, especially one that is catchy. one of these days I'll have to write a embedded rule engine for Lejos and call it Masturbation, HardOn or ThirdLeg :)