Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mind Mapping the Drools Expert System

When talking people through the Drools 4.0 set of features and how they work, I've found that there is simply too much for people to grok, without previous Expert System experience. So I thought I'd turn to Mind Maps to see if I can help make all our advanced concepts more grokkable. I found a great GPL tool called FreeMind. I'm using version 9-beta9, which seems to be stable enough to use. I've put down an initial brain dump to get started, the idea is map all our concepts with notes and links through to the main documentation or other related sites for more info.
The FreeMind file for the above map is in subversion, the documentation/mindmap folder, FreeMind also does flash exports, which I've committed, so you can play with it live now by clicking here, and give me your feedback.


  1. Mark,

    Any plans to put details of the talk up on the Web?

    I was seriously considering booking a flight from Dublin to see this, but have left it too late to get anything for less than 'arm and leg' prices.



  2. SkillsMatter do put the videos up online, but the last few weren't watchable as the camera was at the wrong angle.

  3. Freemind is great. My colleagues are joking, that it is the only tool I use (analyze systems, UML models, prepare presentations, study technologies, lead projects...).
    I use it for 2 years now, it is very productive (e.g. write notes by keyboard while having telephone call).