Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drools Presentation at Brazilian JUG SouJava

Yesterday we had a JBoss night at the Brazilian JUG SouJava, where we did a presentation of the newest features on Drools 4, specially the BRMS. It was a nice presentation with full house. Some pictures:

Fernando (right) and me (left). Beginning of the presentation.

The audience.

Fernando is presenting the BRMS

Edgar (Solutions Architect, left), Flávia (JBossAOP, right) and the happy winner of a JBoss Training Course.

Happy Drooling.


  1. Don't they do video feeds from presentations? I would really like to see a video from the presentation.

    Or better even -- come to europe! :)

  2. Unfortunately they didn't recorded the presentation. Main problem I believe is the language, since few countries speak Portuguese and the presentation was in Portuguese.

    But I would love to go to Europe do an English presentation... ;)

    Anyway, Mark has a recorded English presentation he did a few weeks ago. The link is here in the blog. Take a look...


  3. Hey Edson, is there any email I could contact you? I`m also from Brazil and it`d be nice to talk to someone about DRools :)

    Please reply to my email:

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Edson, I currently work on JBoss Seam and I want to integrate Drools into my project, I can contact you, here my email: