Thursday, September 27, 2007

Drools - Uncertainty Systems

Davide Sottara has been working on the foundations for a Drools partial data reasoning, for his Phd, with Uncertainty Systems to express truth degrees. He's made a small screenshot for us along with the proposed syntax. The idea is that different uncertainty systems can be configured to handle different evaluators for a given object type and field name - making it seamless to the rule language, beyond the notation shown.

  • Traditional Pattern
    • Shower( temperature == “hot” )
  • Pattern with uncertainty evaluator
    • Shower( temperature == ~“hot” )
  • Pattern with uncertainty evaluator and parameters
    • Shower( temperature == ~(10, $x, 15, $y) “hot” )


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  1. Mark, I would like to learn more about Davide's research. Could you please send me his email or give him my email? If you decide to share more thoughts about uncertainty and rules, I would appreciate them too. Thanks,