Monday, October 08, 2007

Great External Articles/Blogs.

Some great external material is starting to appear around the web now for Drools 4.0

Does your bad Java code need help? (from Rules and Flow) (Paul Browne)
Gives an intro into the new rule flow stuff using the Number Guess example.

Deploying JBoss Drools BRMS on Weblogic (Paul Browne)
Details how to get Drools setup and running on Weblogic

Banking on DROOLS - Part 1 (John Dunning)
Detailed step by step tutorial on using Drools to solve simple bank account management problems.


  1. Thanks for the links Mark.

    On a (slightly) related topic - would it be worthwhile running a competition for documentation - a bit like you do already for the Drools Puzzle?

    Prize could be some Red Hat / JBoss T-Shirts given to the best 'real life' Drools example posted to a blog / wiki / webpage ...

    Paul , People and Technology Blog

  2. The Drools Puzzle thing is run by the community, as the core developers don't have the time. If you can see this working for docs, and happy to manage it as a community effort again, I see no reason why not.

  3. Mark,

    Would you be able to rustle up some JBoss / Red Hat gear - T-Shirts / Hats / Stickers etc to give away as prizes? I'd be happy to post them out to the winners.

    What I have in mind is a one-off compeition open to people who haven't contributed to JBoss Drools.

    3 Prizes:
    - Best Documented Use of Drools
    - Most Innovative Use of Drools
    - Best promotion of this competition.

    To enter leave an entry on the blog (easier than wiki) linking back to web page /blog post. Could be as short or detailled as you like.

    Give an excuse for the competition ('to celebrate the release of drools 4.0.2'). Run the competition over 3/4 weeks, give weekly updates to keep the buzz going.

    I'd be happy to give the weekly updates, but the final decision would probably have to be from the core team (for credibility).

    Yep , it's all shameless self publicity for the Drools, but it worked well (got about 60 extra subs) when I did the same with feedburner gear