Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drools and Google Summer Of Code

The Google Summer of Code is beginning. Drools, being a Red Hat project, has to participate under the Fedora banner. So I've put a few project ideas up on the JBoss GSoC page. If you're able to enter as a student please do take a look and don't hesitate to contact if anything interests you.

I've also listed the ideas below, please leave comments if you have any other ideas you think might make good student projects. Or maybe you are a student and you want to propose a GSoC project.
  • Subversion/CVS and JCR synchronisation. This allows our web based BRMS, called Guvnor, to synchronise it's content with what's used in an IDE, such as Eclipse
  • Eclipse file upload tool with meta-data properties editing. You should be able to right click a file or a folder and upload to the web based Guvnor. Previously uploaded files(assets) should be recognised and uploaded as a modify.
  • SBVR, structured natural language, implementation for Drools. Can do either or both the frontend or the backend.
  • Eclipse tooling enhancements including any of the following: search, refactoring, reformatting.
  • Animate the Rete view to represent network propagation.
  • Improve the DSL capabilities of Drools, supporting more complex grammars.
  • Improve the Guvnor, web based BRMS, to handle the management of more asset types. Including images, video, sound etc. Guvnor involves JCR, Seam and GWT work.
  • Create a Web based process designer for Drools ruleflow using GWT Designer.
  • Web based, GWT, Audit viewer.



  1. If only I was x years younger ;-)

    Anyway, it's good to see the BRMS ruleflow editor in the proposed projects. Why not go the whole hog and support decision tables in the BRMS too?

  2. Michael Neale is working on a DT web based implementation at the moment, using hte EXT JS stuff.

  3. @Michael - yeah I am working on it as we speak (today am working on editors for the columns - adding/removing/configuring - its kinda fiddly - but I want to make it as easy as possible for people to get it right).

    Also - for the process designer - I would consider flash a possibility as well (as the toolchain is now free) - hopefully sometime this year the flash runtime will be free/open source as well.

  4. @Michael - yes I will blog about it (been too busy working on stuff, and other stuff, and in spare time have been unusually busy when I would otherwise blog/communicate/sleep).

  5. That was some really technical stuff. Can anyone explain me what was the meaning of that??

  6. Which ones in particular don't make sense? If your interested the best thing to do is pop onto irc and we can chat about it in more detail: #drools.