Monday, October 20, 2008

Drools Boot Camp T-Shirts

T-Shirts Finally Arrived today, so everyone was very excited :) Thought I'd put up some photo's of our motley crew - Asif and Andrea (who have been here the other days) could not make it today, so they missed out on the photo. Just click any of the photos to enlarge.



  1. the shirts look nice, but I don't believe drools 5 qualifies as an expert system. To claim drools 5 is an expert system would be inaccurate and misleading. there's still a ways to go before drools becomes a full blown expert system.

  2. glad you find that funny. I'm sure drools users probably won't care, since they can't tell the difference. to qualify for a full expert system, drools would need a full blown shell, interpreter, knowledge base system, dependency management and a few other things. It would be a shame for drools to loose credibility because of a false claim.

  3. hey peter, we'll let you chose the new name if you can get us new t-shirts printed - deal?

  4. I have no desire to choose a new name, but I believe truthful advertising is important. it would suck to put in years of effort only to loose face in the public because of false advertising.

    I've called out other products in the past when they made questionable claims, so I'm not picking on you guys. I simply call out issues when I see it. I understand it's probably a bit late to change the name, but it would be good to explain clearly in the documentation that drools is "working" towards a full expert system, but isn't today.

  5. by the way, if you're planning to use a data grid for fault tolerance, I would strongly suggest looking at Tibco Business Events, since they are already using that approach.

    for the record, I know others were already doing that with before Tibco integrated coherence. Tibco likes to claim business events is unique and the first to use that approach. It's not completely accurate. Tibco is the first product to have it out of the box, and provide an easy way to setup BE with coherence. They weren't the first to use coherence as an in-memory data grid for fault tolerance.

    Doing what Tibco BE does should only take an experience rule developer a day or two to integrate coherence with a rule engine.

  6. Actually technically none of this would be an expert system - as an expert system by definition does the job of an expert - it can't be an empty shell - so the term expert system shell makes more sense. It only becomes an expert system with knowledge added, and that is the important thing.

    An expert system can and has been done with nothing to do with a production rule system, could just be database queries for instance.

    I believe the use of Drools Expert is an example of "Capitonym" - where changing the case of a word can modify its meaning. This is commonly used to distinguish a product name from a generic term. I believe I learnt about that in high school, or uni, can't remember, but most people use it commonly (often when making jokes in text).

    eg Microsoft Word versus word.
    "Microsoft word" would make no sense as a product.

    Hence the capitalisation.

  7. true, an expert system has to include knowledge, but it is well established that an expert system shell has certain functionality.

    one of which is a full shell which has a built-in interpretor and a dependency management system. For example, you can't remove a deftemplate if a rule uses it. if all the rules using that deftemplate are removed, it can remove the deftemplate. this is an important feature, that's needed to build an expert system. another example is the expert system may use the knowledgebase to create new entities (aka deftemplates) and use it in a rule. therefore it must manage the knowledgebase.

    I commend the great work the entire team has done, but I have to disagree on the use of "expert" lowercase or uppercase. It is misleading, so the safe thing to do is to clearly document it.

  8. Where is it possible to gets shirts ?

  9. It would be really cool to get hold of these. We're at Rulesfest as well. Any chance that we can help you to reduce your flight baggage? ;-)

  10. Ingomar: I think I have one M and one L in my bag with me. If you want one, just grab me.

    Nicolas: Either catch me at a conference and hope I have some on me (only a few left now) or contribute to the community, normally code, and I can post.

  11. Mark,
    I cannot come at this conférence but I hope you will have some at Javapolis in decembre in Belgium !

  12. I've only got a few left, but i'll try and keep one or two for Devoxx.

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