Friday, January 23, 2009

Drools Community Clinic 4th of February at 5pm GMT

We will host an informal Drools Community Clinic on the 4th of February at 5pm GMT.

The idea here isn't to do one big presentation, but really more of an interactive Q&A where we will use the desktop to assist in some explanations talking through code or examples. We can mix it up with a bit of general fun AI/Drools geek chat, depending on what people want to talk about. As much as it works, we will try and keep an open floor.

Please post potential questions, talking points or just general ideas as comments on this blog posting.

We will publish connection details nearer the time.

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  1. Since you brought up "AI Geek Chat" a couple of thoughts that have been on my mind recently:

    1. Can you discuss any works done to date or in-progress that have incorporated Machine Learning techniques such as Neural Nets and how these participate/enhance a Stateful Rules Engine.

    2. Can you discuss any works done to date or in-progress to incorporate Contraint Optimization such as the new Drools 5 Solver, other Open Source Constrainers, or commercial implmentations such as CPlex/CP Optimizer. A use case in mind is something of the form where the Rules Engine (based on its Stateful context) would formulate contraint problems to be solved off-line and the optimization solve would appear as new facts and the cycle starts over again based on Temporal Rules. Also discussion in the area of Genetic Algorithms/Programming would be interesting in the same context of thought.