Saturday, January 24, 2009


With QT now going LGPL, I think it is now definitively the best way to do cross platform GUI development. It would also seem that QT would be the "vendor neutral" way for IBM and Sun to move forward on a single toolkit, to avoid the Swing vs SWT debate which neither side will back down on. Now would seem like a good time for Java3 on the JVM. A new cleaned up javaish language, with cleaned up api that is consistent throughout and standardising on QT as the GUI toolkit.


  1. QT Jambi take more memory than swing what is require is something more stable like SWT in java with flavour of Swing

  2. I agree: I will look into Jambi and QT, but just now it looks promising.
    There are many cross platform C/C++-projects out there to integrate (think of irrlicht) and if QT will let me integrate them managing everything from java (and webstart), this is my Java 3.
    Just a lean jre, with no GUI code (nor AWT neither Swing) and each one can then add his GUI framework of choice.

  3. where is java3 is it already started ? last month i tried jdk1.7 only to find that the memory leak problem from 2002 still there.

    and finally is there any better group discussion (eg. google groups) for drolls ?