Thursday, February 19, 2009

Translation/localisation of Guvnor

Guvnor (the web part) has been Internationalized (i18n) - (almost) all displayed strings externalised into resource bundles (properties files).

So it is possible for the UI to be localised into pirate speak, or whatever people feel inclined to do.

Any volunteers would be much appreciated (there will be various people looking at it over time, but always good to have people take a closer look early on, work out any issues with it).

More information can be found on the wiki here.


  1. Drools looks like something I could really use on a project, but I need to play with it and learn how to use it.

    I've tried deploying Guvnor to Tomcat6, but when I hit the URL after deploying the WAR, I get the following exception:

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/faces/convert/ConverterException

    Is there another dependency I need that isn't included in the Guvnor M5 WAR packaging?


  3. Hey Anonymous,

    after you make the tweaks Mark directed you too Guvnor will run on TC6, but the error your getting is related to your rule repository configuration.

    You can test this by commenting out your customized repository location and redeploy.

    I got it up and running but am actually experiencing the same problem with regards to the repository configuration.