Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drools Boot Camp possibly in San Francisco for June

As I'm going to be at JavaOne we are thinking about combing this years boot camp at the same time, if we can get budget approval. We don't yet have a hotel booked or meeting room available, so if you can recommend a cheap but good hotel with conference facilities for approx 15-20 people, or better still can donate meeting room facilities then please let me know.




  1. Is that 15-20 attendees including presenters?

    I know this is the wrong number and the wrong city, but we can squeeze 12 people into the conference room in our San Jose office.

    If you get stuck for a location, and the numbers don't make it to 15, let me know.

  2. There aren't presenters for this really. It's just us 5 core developers hacking code for a week and offering to mentor anyone else that wants to help hack. No idea how many will turn up, could be 2 could be 10. I think realistically we'll peak at about 10 and average 8, we'll see.

    Thanks for the offer, for the moment, due to JavaOne and wanting to be near the others at that conference, we'll see if we can continue to find something in SF.