Friday, May 22, 2009

Drools 5 Released

Drools Guvnor

The Drools team are pleased to announce the release of Drools 5.0 Final. Everyone's favourite Java Rule Engine with the delivery of version 5.0 gives genesis to the Business Logic integration Platform, which provides a unified and integrated platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing. It's been designed from the ground up so that each aspect is a first class citizen, with no compromises.

Drools 5.0 is now split into 4 modules, the links below provide more information and screenshots for each module:

Drools Guvnor
Drools Expert
Drools Fusion
Drools Flow.

Guvnor is our web based governance system, traditionally referred to in the rules world as a BRMS. We decided to move away from the term BRMS to something based on governance, as our long term emphasis is no longer rules specific. Expert is the traditional rules engine. Fusion is the event processing side, it's a play on data/sensor fusion terminology. Finally there is Flow which is our workflow module.

The Drools 5.0 Release Notes

Home Page


Drools Boot Camp - San Francisco 1-7 of June



  1. And don't forget about Drools Solver: its release is available in the download section and its reference manual is available in the documentation section.

  2. Well done! Drools is a great platform.

  3. Great!
    Like a nice birthday present for me!

  4. Michael RhodenFriday, May 22, 2009

    This is very good news. Great job gentlemen.

  5. Great job guys!


  6. Did anybody use this new version of drools with Oracle backend?. Looks like there are several schema related issues. For example table name like Comment is not allowed. Too long identifiers are disallowed in Oracle.