Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Assigning hospital beds to patients with drools-solver

I've implemented a new example in drools-solver: patient admission scheduling. In this problem, we have to assign each patient (that will come to the hospital) a bed for each night that the patient will stay in the hospital. The problem is defined on this webpage by the Kaho Sint-Lieven IT research group and the test data comes from real world hospitals.

Each bed belongs to a room and each room belongs to a department. The arrival and departure dates of the patients is fixed: only a bed needs to be assigned for each night.

There are a couple of hard constraints:
  • 2 patients shouldn't be assigned to the same bed in the same night (not even if they are married :).
  • A room can have a gender limitation: only females, only males, the same gender in the same night or no gender limitation at all.
  • A departement can have a minimum or maximum age.
  • A patient can require a room with specific equipment(s).
And of course, there are also some soft constraints:
  • A patient can prefer a maximum room size, for example if he/she want a single room.
  • A patient is best assigned to a department that specializes in his/her problem.
  • A patient is best assigned to a room that specializes in his/her problem.
  • A patient can prefer a room with specific equipment(s).

Drools-solver solves this planning problem. Here's a screenshot of a result:



  1. Cool! Also nice to see 'Belgian' problems solved ;-)

  2. HI Geoffrey ! can i use is to save solution not in XML format ? i mean can i save the soltuions in other format such as .txt or .sol , .data... etc ..


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