Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first look at Drools (ORF09 Drools Bootcamp feedback)

Google Alerts just notified me of a complimentary blog from Primatex Consulting, providing some feedback on Drools 5.0, our future direction and the ORF09 Drools bootcamp :
"My first look at Drools
What was clear from the presentations I saw and the discussions is that the Drools team obviously is inspired by some commercial products, but they will usually take it to the next level. As an example I can think of the ILOG JRules support for event reasoning, but in the last couple of years, ILOG has stayed away from pushing that functionality, and they have not made it evolve. It has the potential of being very powerful stuff, but ILOG did nothing about it. Drools did.


  1. As a fellow boot camp attendant, I'd like to echo the sentiments behind this quote. It's an opinion that I, as a developer (recently inundated with Drools) can get behind. I applaud the team's effort to make time for looking at code and assisting users, yet doing so without compromising forward progress. That's a trait I haven't see in many other projects.

    I've heard the call for documentation clarification a few times this week (not to mention thought a few times myself in the past) but I fully understand and prefer that core development take precedence. That being said, is there any sort of structure in place to allow for improvement such as a procedural (collaborative) wiki? Personally, I'd be more likely to quickly edit a 'needed' page with a snippet and relevant description as opposed to draw up a formal document or committal for repository - is this something we have or can help you work towards?

  2. Reading back over my comment, I thought I might should elaborate over my wiki request. I'm familiar with the current 'JBoss Rules' wiki section, but I had something a little different in mind.

    Perhaps something less article-based - more along the lines of something like those snippet wikis that can be seen at refactory.org (keyword use) or organicdesign.co.nz/MediaWiki_code_snippets (quick, simplistic organization with easily accessible snippets).