Friday, March 19, 2010

Drools based research grows

I went to update the research network page, we had a smattering of research projects involving drools when I updated it last over 15 months ago. I was amazed by the number of research projects now coming up on google scholar. I only had time to update some of them, and there is still atleast another third more to go, maybe more. It's great to see Drools used so exstensively and with such a wide range of topics in academia. It makes us in the Drools team very proud.

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  1. Mark,

    Here is another one: Jevon Wright, Jens Dietrich: Non-Monotonic Model Completion in Web Application Engineering. Will be presented at the 21st Australian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC2010), 6-9 April 2010, Auckland, New Zealand, and will be available in the IEEE digital library. Its about using rules to do RubyOnRails like generation of artefacts in a model defined using EMF.