Wednesday, June 09, 2010

AI Research Overview

For a recent presentation I made an overview diagram of related research areas and ideas, so people can see how things relate.


  1. Hi this is a nice overview. It would be interesting to know:
    1. What parts of this are in the pipeline (I recognize some in the code base, some not clear).

    2. Where does Backward chaining fit in?

    3. Are intelligent agents an abstract layer to support 3rd party agents via injection?

    4. Last time I looked at drools it did not support Spring. Is there room to allow AI programmers to inject their agents/plugins?
    ...For instance I'm into Neural networks and see potential for machine learning to generate rules that can be fed to the engine. I'm may not interested in Drools providing everything out of the box as long as I can use what exists and add to it what I/we need.

    thanks a lot,
    Arjun Dhar

  2. ..Oops ignore my Q on Spring.

    ..I guess i better RTFM again! Though you get what I'm asking overall.

  3. We have already started planning the next version of Drools. This will be a fully hybrid engine with PRD, LP, FP and DL. You can see more details here: