Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Browser Based BPMN2 Authoring in Drools Guvnor (see video)

Drools Guvnor will support editable BPMN2 processes, in the browser, via Oryx. You can also synchronize those .bpmn artifacts with Eclipse, allowing BPMN2 round trip authoring between eclipse and guvnor. This could for example be used to achieve collaboration between business analysts (high-level editing using web tooling) and developers (adding execution details using Eclipse).

BPMN2 being edited in web based Guvnor

BPMN2 being edited in Eclipse

You can watch the video showing this in action here.

Great work Kris, and thank you Antoine for you help.


  1. Nice. Does Drools have any high availability feature ? like Terracotta support or something in the cook for Glassfish ?

  2. Nice work Kris ! That looks like a lot of work went into it to make it look so easy.

  3. Oh Fantastic!
    This is what Guvnor has been looking for.

  4. Looks great.
    Which version of Guvnor/Drools will this be available with?

  5. This will be in the 5.1 release, but as experimental preview. As there are still some limitations, Oryx is still using the BPMN2 beta1 format, etc.

  6. Krisv,

    As you mentioned that it will be available in 5.1, is it available for testing on 5.1M2?

    I installed 5.1M2, saw the new Rule Template option, but trying to create a new RuleFlow still gives a message
    "Ruleflows allow flow control between rules. The eclipse plugin provides a graphical editor. Upload ruleflow .rf files for inclusion in this package."

    A side question, anyone knows where I can get the BPMN 2.0 Oryx?
    Trying to get from Oryx website and build from the read-only source didn't work for me.

  7. It is really nice feature.

    Is there any browser limitations?

    Also how can we get additional war for Oryx?

  8. That is a great integration work. As someone else asked here, from where we can get the new Guvnor build with the Oryx integration. Neither 5.1.0.M2, or 5.1.CR1 have this integration, it only allows viewing the diagram.

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