Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting started with jBPM 5 (Vignesh Dhakshinamoorthy)

Vignesh has kindly created a "Getting started with jBPM 5" video. He's put it up on his blog here:

"I once wrote a blog on setting up jBPM 3 with jBoss ESB which proved useful to lot of folks. Now I am going to present a similar one for the all-new jBPM5. There is indeed a huge difference between the two and I must admit that the new product stack is looking very good, loaded with many must-have options any BPM product should ship with.
I will write about all the technical insights in a separate post. One good news you should know is that the installation has got a lot easier in this version. Let's just get started with jBPM 5, install it, and see it for ourselves.

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  1. Hi Vignesh, am new to this and i would like to know JBPM5 but am confusing that which pdf need to read.If you have any idea please suggest me to start.