Monday, February 28, 2011

JNI4Net now has Drools example

We often get asked about running Drools and jBPM on .net.

Today FrankVhh pointed out, in this post, that there has been some success using just pure IKVM. Frank pointed to the previous post by Corneil du Plessis, which can be found here:

He also pointed out success with the jni4net project, which now comes with a Drools sample, to help you get started.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Large Decision Table Example Wanted

We are looking for real world example decision tables that are 2K or even 5K rows big or even 10K :)

This will allow us to demonstrate what really large decision tables look like as well as allowing us to stress test our web based system and show that it can handle problems of that size.

Anyone able to donate such an example, or can point to an existing one? It is important that such a decision table comes with enough unit tests to show that it contains a valid data set.


Friday, February 25, 2011

This Tuesday!!! - Red Hat & Accenture: BRMS & BPMS Event (London)

Reminder that this Tuesday 24th of March you can come and hear all about Drools and jBPM5!!!!

Registration Page:

Join Red Hat and Accenture on Tuesday 29th March at Accenture Old Bailey to understand how Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) and Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) can help businesses leverage technology more effectively and increase productivity. See how Enterprise Open Source is leading the way with powerful capabilities and industry-leading innovation.

There will be 2.5 hours of technical talks, starting at 9am. Full timings and agenda here:

Mark Proctor - Drools Co-Founder and Poject Lead
Kris Verlaenen - jBPM Lead
Michael Anstis
Geoffrey de Smet

Talks (from core developers, there are other talks too:
Introduction to Rule Based Systems (Mark Proctor)
Introduces Drools and explains what a rule based system is and how it works. We will also cover event processing on a rule based system.

Why BPMN2 Matters
(Kris Verlaenen)
jBPM5 has just been released as premier Open Source BPMN2 implementation. Come and hear how this changes your whole legacy approach to BPM.

Using Guvnor for Enterprise Systems (Geoffrey de Smet)
Guvnor provides a web interface to your knowlege systems, such as rules and bpm. This talk provides a gentle introduction into Guvnor and how to use it.

Decision Tables in Depth (Michael Anstis)
Decision Tables is now a major focus for us, we want to show you why we'll have the slicket decision table environment out there.

Monday, February 21, 2011

jBPM Oryx Integration - executable Business Rule Task example

Here is an example of creating and executing a simple BPMN2 process created with the Oryx designer (click on the screenshot below). It shows off the ability to create both business rules and BPMN2 processes in the same environment and expose them to the client application that consume them.

In order to recreate this example, you must use the latest version of the Oryx designer which you can download from here (rename it to designer.war and replace your existing one in $jbossHome/server/$config/deploy directory). If you prefer to use the jbpm-console for executing the process instead of from Eclipse like shown in the example, you can do that as well if you define the process as part of the defaultPackage (or update your jbpm-console configuration to load processes from another package).

Check back for more examples in the near future.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Intelligent Rules Elements 2.1 (NExpert Object)

I've previously blogged about NExpert Objects, you can find those postings here:
NExpert Object Videos
NExpert Review (MacTech)

Today a little birdie pointed me at a url that provides the complete set of Intelligent Rules Element manuals, IRE is the successor to NExpert Objects.

I've been reading through the manuals and have found it interesting, definitely not what I was expecting. IRE seems neither prolog or rete like, it provides fine grained control over the order of evaluation of field constraints. Looking forward to reading these more indepth over the coming weeks.


NExpert Object Videos

Some NExpert Object videos got uploaded to Youtube. I thought i'd paste the links here for others to see. Btw if anyone has a NExpert Object manual please send it to me :)

Neuron Data - Discovery Channel 1991
NExpert Object - Example 1
NExpert Object - Example 2
NExpert Object - Example 3

Ask and ye shal find. The entire set of Intellent Rules Element is available here:

IRE is the success to NExper Object.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Drools at the Chicago Java Users Group

I will be speaking about how to incorporate Drools into your enterprise at the Chicago Java Users Group this coming Tuesday, 15 Feb.
Details can be found here.

Update:  For all of you who attended the talk thank you!  Slides can be found at

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The jBPM team is looking to hire !

With the first jBPM5 release out there, the work isn't done! We have lots of existing customers that need support or are eager to move to the new version and need some assistance. On top of that, we obviously want to keep improving and extending our latest version with new and exciting features.

That's why we are looking for someone who is willing to take on the challenge and join the team ! No need anymore to find some spare time to do contributions to jBPM, now you can do it fulltime.

Are you looking for something new and exciting and do you have what it takes? Previous experience with jBPM, BPM in general or open-source is a plus ;) Are you interested in joining the jBPM team to solve issues and add new features? Let us know !

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Job Highlight - Remote work for the Largest Insurance Provider in US

This is a 100 percent telecommuting position...
Link Here

JBoss/Drools - Java Development - Remote work
Largest Insurance Provider in US
Bloomington, IL (telecommute)


Looking for one resource to fill an SA/Business Intelligence request. This is a short term assignment, but will last at least 8 weeks, at 40 hours per week, with the potential for extension. Looking for at least a level 4 because this work will involve consultation (but in addition will require specific project task execution as well). Main skill needed is JBoss Drools, specifically, the Guvnor GUI.

Task Description from PAR:
Assist the project with organizing and categorizing externalized business rules within JBoss Drools, specifically, the Guvnor GUI.

This is a 100 percent telecommuting position...
Link Here

Webinar on jBPM5: it's demo time !

With the release of jBPM 5.0 also come new presentations. And this time, I'll be doing a runthrough of the different tools, so you can get a feeling of what the different tools look like and see them in action.

The webinar will be on February, 24th and there will be two slots available, to make sure there is something that fits your time zone.

Don't miss this and register now !

If you're looking for a more technical overview of jBPM5, you can still take a look at the recorded version of the previous webinar.

Monday, February 07, 2011

jBPM 5.0 released

The jBPM team is pleased to announce the release of jBPM5!

jBPM is a Business Process Management (BPM) system, allowing you to specify, execute and manage your business processes, for both developers and business users. The jBPM core is a solid, lightweight engine that can be embedded inside your application or deployed as a service.

The most important features of the jBPM 5.0 release are:
  • a core engine supporting native execution of business processes following the latest BPMN 2.0 specification
  • powerful Eclipse tooling for developers, allowing creation, advanced debugging and deployment of your processes
  • web-based tooling for business users including web-based editing of your business processes, a process management console, human task lists, etc.

jBPM 5.0 is one of the most powerful engines out there (already supporting a large set of constructs as defined in the BPMN2 specification), not only does it allow dynamic adaptations and migration, but it also supports flexible and adaptive processes.

Last, but not least, jBPM5 is not an isolated process engine but it can also be used as one of the component inside a much larger solution. If your real-life business problem for example has to deal with flexibility, events or is data-driven, we allow powerful integration with business rules, event processing and other services in your environment. This allows you to select how to model (each part of) your business knowledge, effectively combining these different paradigms into one solution.

To get you started, are you looking for some screenshots or screencasts? Or want to start browsing the documentation? Or you really want the hands-on experience? Then try out the (full) installer and run the ant script to set up a demo environment, that will guide you through a few of the components using a simple example. The installation chapter in the documentation contains a few screencasts to help you out. After that, you can continue reading the documentation, play with the example by modifying it, or start your own project.

And here are the links:

Got any questions? Try
IRC: #jbpm at
jBPM User Forum


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Planning problem challenges of ASP competition 2011

The ASP competition 2011 has a number of interesting planning problem challenges. Most of them aren't too complex: they have only few constraints and a few fact types. So if you're interested in a good beginner's challenge to optimize with Drools Planner, take a look at the official problem suite.

For example, there's the Fast Food Optimization problem:
The fastfood chain Mc Burger owns several restaurants along a highway. Recently, they have decided to build several depots along the highway, each one located at a restaurant and supplying several of the q restaurants with the needed ingredients. Each of the restaurants will be supplied by the nearest depot. If two or more depots are equidistantly nearest to a restaurant, it is supplied by exactly one of these. Naturally, the depots should be placed so that the average distance between a restaurant and its assigned depot is minimized, or equivalently that the sum of supply distances is minimized.

If you're not too keen on fast food (like me), just mentally replace the words fast food restaurant by the words grocery store, IT shop or beer pub.

The simplified Packing problem reminds me of playing Tetris as a kid:
Given a rectangular area of a known dimension and a set of squares, each of which has a known dimension, the problem is to pack all the squares into the rectangular area such that no two squares overlap each other. There can be wasted spaces in the rectangular area.
The deadline is 25-FEB-2011. I don't have time to compete in the competition, but if your sources are on github or gitorius and you add a link in the comments below, I might offer some design/code suggestions. So, are you up for a planning challenge?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Web-based BPMN2 authoring in Guvnor

We have completed big parts of the integration between Guvnor and the Oryx web-based business process editor.
Our primary use cases supported by this integration are:

- Viewing existing jBPM5 processes in Guvnor
- Prototyping new jBPM5 processes in Guvnor.

Please note that we are still working on full round-tripping support between the web-based Oryx editor and our BPMN2 support provided through the eclipse plugin.

Oryx is a web-based editor for modeling business processes hosted at Google Code. Oryx is also backed by Signavio, who provides a professionally maintained version. Within Guvnor we integrate with the BPMN2 process designer provided from the Oryx branch which is maintained by Antoine Toulme. The goal of this branch is to apply upstream patches to the Oryx project and it's latest version can be downloaded from github.

To start learning about web-based BPMN2 authoring in Guvnor click on the video link below:


The integration code is currently in the droolsjbpm project master on github. Next step is to download the designer- from here and deploy it alongside your Guvnor war ($jboss_home/server/$config/deploy for example). No further configurations are necessary. Start up your server and you can start playing with authoring BPMN2 processes in Guvnor.

As mentioned, we are currently working on further improving the integration to allow for full round-trip capabilities between processes created in the web-based editor and those created though the eclipse tooling, as well as providing detailed documentation in our docs.