Saturday, February 19, 2011

NExpert Object Videos

Some NExpert Object videos got uploaded to Youtube. I thought i'd paste the links here for others to see. Btw if anyone has a NExpert Object manual please send it to me :)

Neuron Data - Discovery Channel 1991
NExpert Object - Example 1
NExpert Object - Example 2
NExpert Object - Example 3

Ask and ye shal find. The entire set of Intellent Rules Element is available here:

IRE is the success to NExper Object.


  1. Wow, videos from the old times.
    The first video up there has a section going through the engineering floor at Neuron Data - you can even see me with 20 years less (and quite a few pounds less) at around 5:10.

    IRE - Intelligent Rules Element. It was the Nexpert-based rules component to the Elements Environment cross-platform client-server product Neuron Data used to ship. Pretty mucb Nexpert, with more powerful database and UI support, and built-in object-oriented scripting for user interfaces, etc...

    Good finds. I wonder how you could find those manuals online ;)...

  2. Hello, I'm doing a migration NExpert to Drools and I have all manuals NExpert. Still interested? Send request by I'm facing some challenges that would like to discuss. Best Regards.

  3. I managed to find them and updated in another post:

    Thanks and good luck with migration. Maybe you could do a write up?