Friday, March 18, 2011

JBoss Asylum on jBPM5

I recently did an interview for JBoss Asylum. They bring us regular updates on what's new at JBoss by doing podcasts and inviting guests to talk about special topics.

With the release of jBPM 5.0, now was my time to get attacked by Max Rydahl Andersen, Emmanual Bernard and Michael Neale ;)

This episode had some bad luck with respect to the audio recording and took a while to get edited down to listenable quality. The news are therefore a bit out of date but the interview with Kris Verlaenen about jBPM 5 is all filled with great and interesting content.

The interview part has good audio and you can skip to the 22m33s mark to hear about jBPM 5.

We are again sorry that Emmanuel Bernard messed up the recording, but we will back soon with a new interviewee and with better sound ;)

If you got comments/feedback send it via mail or on twitter.

Get the episode from here


  1. So I havent listened yet but am confused as to Drools 5.0 vs jBPM5 and status of Drools Flow. Can someone succintly give me status? Is Drools Flow deferring now to jBPM5 capabilities? Who's on 1st?

  2. P.S. This confusion may be due to (maybe now outdated?) commentary at bottom of

  3. @arratoon: jBPM 5 = Drools Flow + jBPM 3-4