Thursday, March 24, 2011

Using drools-ant to migrate/back-up existing Jackrabbit repositories

After using Guvnor for a while you may want to create a back-up of your existing JCR repository or migrate to one stored in an external database. Often this becomes a daunting task, especially if you already have a large number of existing resources in Guvnor.

Drools-ant to the rescue!

This video shows an example on how to use a new drools-ant task to migrate from the default file-based Guvnor repository to one stored in MySQL. Same task can also be used to create back-ups of your existing repository.


  1. Great post man.. this really helps people with this kind of problems that appears 90% of the times!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. please, it's possible to detail the following section editing the setup repository.xml by the guvnor repository (because I followed the step in the video but the tables is not created in the database and the guvnor.war doesn't more deploy)

    please help me. thks

  3. I would be very glad to help you, best thing would be to move this conversation to the drools user mailing list (, and post your current setup info which is giving you issues, as well as any errors you are receiving so we can have a better idea on what could be going on. Thanks!

  4. thks for your suggestion

  5. Anonymous
    I had the same problem.
    Please delete the repository folder which was created when the default configuration were there.
    After deleting the repository folder please restart your guvnor and then check the DB