Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Integrate Oryx Designer and Guvnor in your own applications

Shortly after we started blogging about the Guvnor integration with Oryx Designer for jBPM5, we received a number of inquiries on how to use it in custom applications and be able to create/edit jBPM5 processes outside of Guvnor while at the same time leverage Guvnor as the central JCR repository for all your jBPM5 assets.

This video shows a custom Seam2/RichFaces application which utilizes the Guvnor Standalone Editor feature and the recently added AtomPub Interface to fully integrate Oryx Designer and Guvnor to create/edit jBPM5 processes without having to do any work in the Guvnor UI.

You can download the demo app source here.


  1. Hi,
    Please help me!..
    In my project i have to develop the jbpm work-flow using some web-based editor. I have downloaded oryx editor. but, i couldn't export as jPDL.

    I have some idea about GWT.Is it possible to design the jbpm work-flow process using gwt?
    Possible means, i need GWT source code. Please help me..

  2. The properties palette doesn't show in the modal panel.. how can I get to show this palette for edit workflow

  3. Hi Diduch, sorry I don't understand your question. Can you please show a screenshot of the issue? Thanks.

  4. thanks.. I had a mistake... thanks for your help..

    How can I create new package since my application?

  5. Thanks for helpful post. Once I save a process, How do I instantiate it through JAva Code in a way that is totally seamless integration and without any additional human steps.

    Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

    1. Expose Designer to end user in a integrated app environment. Allow user to create process. Get the ID of the saved process and store it in a database outside of Guvnor database.
    2. As a result of an event (outside of jBPM), I want to invoke the process saved in Guvnor and instantiate it.

    Basically integrating jBPM into an independent form based application developed on LongJump.


  6. Hello, like me know, you have most examples as this, any thing for help me in projects with jbpm and drools integrate with me applications.

    tanks for you information

  7. good day! im very new to jbpm. how do you run the demo app source above?

  8. Thanks, but the demo app is not compilable. Do you suppose any library by default?