Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drools Planner webinar on Wednesday June 15th

I'll be presenting a free online webinar on Wednesday June 15th 2011 about Drools Planner. So if you're interested in Planner, put it down in your agenda. The starting time is:
  • 16:00 UTC
  • 18:00 Paris, Brussels, Berlin
  • 17:00 London
  • 12:00 (noon) New York, Washington DC, Boston
  • 09:00 San Francisco
  • 00:00 (midnight) Singapore
  • Show starting time for other cities

Here is the summary of the 1 hour presentation:
Drools Planner optimizes automated planning.
It solves use cases such as:
  • bin packing: filling containers, trucks, ships, cloud computer nodes, ...
  • vehicle/freight/people routing: planning trucks, trains, airplanes, travelling salesmen, repairmen, ...
  • employee shift rostering: rostering nurses, repairmen, ...
  • agenda scheduling: scheduling courses, exams, conference presentations, maintenance jobs, advertisements, ...
  • job shop scheduling: planning assembly lines for building cars, devices, ...
  • cutting stock: cutting paper, steel, carpet, ...
  • sport scheduling: planning football leagues, baseball leagues, ...
In this presentation, I will:
  • demonstrate some of the use cases and their Drools Planner examples.
  • explain some of the characteristics of these problems, known as NP-complete or NP-hard problems, such as the very surprising search space size.
  • talk about how Drools Planner handles these problems.
  • show how Drools Planner optimizes a lot further than common implementations.
And of course, there will be time to ask questions.

Go to the official JBoss webinars webpage for more information.
Register for the event.