Thursday, May 05, 2011

Guvnor wars per application server

In previous Guvnor releases (up to 5.1), it wasn't always easy to successfully deploy the guvnor war to your favorite application server.
You'd often get a cryptic stacktrace, caused by jars included in the war's WEB-INF/lib directory clashing with jars included in the classpath by the application server. The solution was to somehow locate the offending jars and then remove those jars from the war file.

From 5.2.0.M2, we're doing this for you. In the guvnor download zip, you 'll find a war file per application server and that war file successfully deploys out of the box. Note that there are no feature or bugfix differences between these wars: each of them provides the same, full-featured guvnor web application.

Currently we include a war for:
  • JBoss AS 5.1
  • JBoss AS 6
  • Tomcat 6 (which probably works on Tomcat 7 and Jetty 6 and 7)
Didn't find your favorite application server in there? Just create an assembly descriptor (similar to these) and send us a pull request on github, and we 'll include it.


  1. Hi, I use JBoss-4.2.2.GA and I can not do the pull request (I was signed but open request doesn't work). May help me?

  2. @Anibel A pull request is like a patch. I've you created an assembly descriptor that works for jboss 4.2, just fork our guvnor repository, add the assembly descriptor change on your fork and send us a pull request.

  3. Using the Tomcat 6 version with Tomcat 7 and it seems to be working well. Just had to increase the max file size to upload in Tomcat 7.

  4. I need a for Glassfish v3. I logged into GitHub, but nowhere I could find a link or button to add a pull request.

  5. Hi, I am trying to deploy drool-guvnor.war on jboss 6.0 but i get deployment exceptions which i think is due to the reason specified above.
    I got the war file related to jboss 6 and deployed it on jboss AS , but still it gave same exceptions .
    Any suggestions how to deploy and get drool-guvnot.war running on jboss6 without exceptions. i am trying to setup jbpm 5.1

  6. @anonymous: There is a known issue with AS 6:
    The workaround is "to remove the GuvnorApplication.class from guvnor-5.2.0.Final-jboss-as-6.0.war (removed this file \WEB-INF\classes\org\drools\guvnor\server\jaxrs\GuvnorApplication.class)"

    5.3 beta1 should fix this.

  7. Hi, I am having great difficulty deploying Guvnor (5.2 or 5.3) in Websphere 6.1. Is there a ready-built war available? Has this been done before?!

  8. try the mailing lists, lots of websphere users there:

  9. I need to deploy Guvnor to Glassfish 3.1, which is our preferred server.


  10. Do we have a ready build war for Glassfish 3x?

  11. @Anonymous No. Take the tomcat6 war (which is the generic war which also runs on jetty and other tomcat versions), deploy it to snapshot and figure out which jars it's contains too much in WEB-INF/lib.

    Pull requests to create a glassfish specific war is welcome, just copy-paste this file:

  12. I m trying to install in tomcat 7 but i am failing to install. can any body help how to install guvnor in tomcat.

  13. I am trying to deploy guvnor 5.4 in weblogic.Do you have build war file for weblogic?

  14. Hi. I am trying to deploy Drolls Workbench 6.0 into websphere 8.0.5.
    Could you please help me !

  15. The is the wrong place for Q&As. Try the user list here:

    I believe at the moment there is a problem due Weld conflicts on Websphere, for CDI. This will be fixed in the next release. Google weld and web sphere for hints.