Thursday, May 26, 2011

Using jBPM domain-specific service nodes in Oryx designer

jBPM allows users to extend the default process constructs with domain-specific extensions. These extensions, also called domain-specific service nodes, simplify development in a particular application domain in that they are:
  1. domain-specific
  2. declarative (what, not how)
  3. high-level (no code)
  4. customizable to the context

So far incorporating domain-specific service nodes was only possible within the Drools Flow Eclipse Plugin. (For more info check out the jBPM docs as well this great video).
We have now added support for domain-specific service nodes to the Oryx web designer. This allows users to create fully executable BPMN2 processes including domain-specific service nodes, all inside Guvnor.

This video shows how you can use can create new or use your existing domain-specific service nodes inside the Oryx designer (quicktime movie available here). You can also start playing with this by downloading the designer from here as well as Guvnor 5.2.0.CR1.

You can download the sources of the demo presented in the above video from here.


  1. Could you please post the video on another domain that The security policy where I work do not allow this area. domain is allowed, for example. Thanks

  2. Sure, you can get the quicktime movie from

  3. Nice video, Tiho. Thanks for sharing.