Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Drools Expert on Android

There was recently an interesting exchange of emails on the Drools user mailing list about running Drools Expert on Android, which has been the Holy Grail of some users for some time.

One particularly active community member on this front, Abhay Chaware, blogs about their experiences, tricks and tips here.

Unfortunately Abhay was unable to solve the final hurdle as the blog reveals, however let Abhay's research spur other talented community members to attempt the same and hopefully close the last(?) issue.

As the title of Abhay's blog suggests "At least I tried".


  1. There's a maven plugin on github (not yet moved into the droolsjbpm organization) that allows to compile drl files during the build process.
    Doing that, might make it easier to run Drools Expert on Android.

  2. I came across this maven plugin, but have not tried it. Also even if Maven compiles the drls, they need to understood by the DX converter tool by android .. what format does maven compile the rules to ? is it .class ( jvm format ) ?

  3. I have managed to start Drools with jBPM and DRLs (version - current source code from Drools repository + some minor changes (it's 5.4 snapshot currently)) on Android. Case is, You need to set 'drools.dialect.default' of Your KnowledgeBuilder to 'mvel' and not use java dialect - it can be fully replaced by MVEL (I guess). Using Java dialect you're going to have problems with DalvikVM and generated JVM bytecode.

  4. Gents,

    So did one of you actually get the full Drools Expert running on Android and how exactly does one do that. I've got a project that call for exactly that and I'd be very grateful for any assistance in getting that done.

  5. I've run across the work of a very bright man in the UK who did it as part of an integrated systems he was working on ... and I got his code working up to the point where it died loading the DRL rules.

    I think this might shed some light on things but it's fast getting into true software engineering and I'm just not there yet ....

    Here is his codebase:

  6. the source code is not running correctly ... unlike the APK .. could you help ?

    1. hello folks, here is a working demo, multiple DRL rules on android:

  7. hello Jorge Luis Martinez would you have sample project for latest version of android and drools rule engine?

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