Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Features in jBPM5 Web Designer added!

Click to view the video!

In this video we presents a number of new features added to the jBPM5 Web Designer. These include:

1. Integration with the jbpmmigration project. Allows users to migrate their existing jPDL 3.2 based processes to BPMN2.
2. Ability to view process sources in a number of different formats (BPMN2, JSON, PNG, PDF, ERDF, and SVG)
3. Default installation of jBPM Service Nodes on process creation
4. Integration with the jBPM5 service repository.
5. Visual process validation

These features will be available in the next Web Designer release, however if you would like to start playing with them, you can download a snapshot version here:​tsurdilo/​oryx/​latest/​

Please give us your feedback!


  1. Great set of features. I love the multiple format view and integration with services repository

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