Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drools & jBPM Event : London 8th March 2012

Register now to join us for the free Drools & jBPM London 2012 event, hurry limited spaces :)

When Thursday 8th March
Where Ave Maria Lane, London, London EC4M 7DD (near St Paul's Tube)

Agenda trans
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09:00 trans Registration, tea and coffee
09:30 trans Introduction/ Welcome
09:45 trans Rules, Events & Processes: the Open Source way
Mark Proctor - Worldwide Technical Lead for BRMS & BPMS, Red Hat
10:45 trans Decision Tables
Michael Anstis, JBoss Core Developer, Red Hat
11:15 trans Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 trans BPMN2 and jBPM5
Kris Verlaenen, JBoss Core Developer, Red Hat
12:15 trans Solving Planning Problems
Geoffrey de Smet, JBoss Core Developer, Red Hat
12:45 trans Case Studies
13:00 trans Lunch and Networking



  1. I am very new to the subject of business rules and therefore unsure about whether this is the right event for me. I have very basic questions like:
    - What exactly is the difference between "expert systems" and BRMS?
    - How exactly is JBoss Rules related to the JBoss application server?
    - What exactly are jBPM, Drools, the JBoss Business Logic Integration Platform and JBoss Rules, and how are these things related?
    - Could I use Drools / JBoss Rules to create a DSL that is so easy to use that a domain expert, e.g. lawyer, with "Office only" computer skills could use it to model expert knowledge? If yes, where to start?, If no, what else should I look at?

    I know, RTFM, but while reading, I stumbled upon this event announcement, and now I'm just wondering if it can help me understand the whole topic quicker/easier than only reading all those fabulous web pages. Since I'm a startup founder and would have to travel from Germany for a half-day event, time and money are real issues here. Would it also be possible to meet you or get information about Drools at the CeBIT?
    Will a video capture of the speeches be made available after the event?

    My use case: I want to automatically create reports from scanned documents. Example: A landlord scans utilities bills for a whole house. The software, already knowing facts like the area of the individual apartments and extracting more facts like the total consumption of gas and the gas price from the scanned documents, creates the tenants' indivudual utilities statements automatically. In spreading the cost over the tenants, it has to obey the current legislation on how exactly to share the total costs (by person, by area, by party, a combination of these etc.). I'm looking for a tool that allows a domain expert to program these rules in an easy way and to understand them again and change them in case the laws change, say, 5 years from now.

  2. The event won't be made available over the internet, sorry.

    It will be a high level event, so it is ideal for people new to the technology.

    As we will bringing in lead developers from abroad, sales have already committed us to a fully diary of client visits. This means our time will be very limited to a few questions at the end of the event, before we are moved on - it will be a very hectic and busy day for us.

    Whether the event is worth your cost of travel and time. That I cannot answer, as it depends on your expectations and what you want out of the day. It is unlikely we'll be able to find time to answer your specific use case questions - unless you have some very specific questions.

  3. Great, thanks for the quick reply! I'll still have to decide though...
    In either case, it won't be your last public event in Europe this year, right?

  4. @Stefan Last year in June we had an event in Buenos Aires and all video's have been posted:
    Actually, all our video's and slides are available here:

    1. Great, thank you very much!