Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pimp my Benchmark Report

For Planner 5.5.0.Beta1, the benchmark statistics report has been "pimped". It's now prettier and flashier. It also easier to navigate and contains more functionality (for example, the solver configuration is easy to copy-paste). Just take a look:
View Benchmark Report (cloud balance example)

Feed-back and pull-requests to improve it further are welcome :)






  1. If it makes sense, I'd like to have a simple scatter-plot of Performance (score) versus total Calculation Time, colored by the solver.

    To compare several problems, you might plot relative scores (e.g divided my total average solution score).

    In the end, you could easily see what solvers perform better in general or for particular problem types. It's not really clear to me from the barchart.

  2. @kosiak That sounds like a good idea, especially when the termination isn't set on a fixed duration.

  3. I 've created a jira for it: It should be easy to do, so if anyone wants to create a pull request for it, go for it: it's a "starter" issue.