Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hi there, I want to share with everyone some updates about the jBPM Form Builder. I was doing some work to make it independent of the environment and more easy to use. This post include the current state of the project, how to build it and run it and the future steps. Feel free to leave feedback about the features that you consider most relevant and if you want to get involved please contact me, there is a lot of work to do on this front.


The Form Builder was created by Mariano De Maio as a community effort to have an unified and generic way to build forms that can be reused multiple times by our applications. One of the most common use cases are front ends for Human Tasks inside our business processes. The Form Builder right now is a stand alone component built using GWT which now can be deployed in different Application Servers and Servlet Containers and support multiple browsers. The main focus of this component is to allow us to quickly create a form and then provide the mechanisms to render this form inside our applications.
Example Form
The current version provides the initial version of a configuration service, which allows us to configure where do we want to store our form definitions. This is an important feature  to be agnostic of all the other components that we need to deploy, allowing us to just deploy the form builder if we just need to create forms. This simplify the development and configurations efforts required by the users to get started with this component.


I've being working in decouple in the internal functionality in different modules to make it more reusable and accesible from third party application. The following figure shows how the components looks right now:
Form Builder Components
You can follow the discussions about the design and each module functionality joining the jbpm-dev mailing list.
As you can notice, there are two big things:
  • The Form Builder WAR:  the application that allows us to model our forms. It can work as an standalone component, you don't need to deploy any other application to work with it.
  • The Form Consumer: any third party application which wants to interact with the real form
In the following section we will see a quick demo about how to model a form and how to consume it from another application.


The following video shows how we can design a form that will be in charge of interacting with a User Task created on the  jBPM5 Human Task Server. We will see how we can design, save and then render the resultant form from a different application.


The following steps for the project is to provide a simplified list of components with a default layout and a customizable CSS palette to allow you to customize and adapt the form builder to your own needs. We will be working to integrate the current version to the jBPM Web Process Designer to be able to jump back and forth from the Business Process Design view to the Form Builder.
There are several improvements related to the data mappings and automatic form creations that we are investigating and developing.
I will share soon a list of visual components that we will be providing in a different post, but feel free to send suggestions!

Get Involved

This is a very good time to get involved and share your opinion about this kind of components. The more requirements that we can gather the better the component will be. If you want to learn and contribute in this project please contact me, there are a lot of small tasks to do which will help to improve the usability and flexibility of this component.
You can find the source code of the project here:
Some task that could be done by community members are:
  • Maven profiles for different containers
  • Create new components to display in the palette
  • Archetype for creating clients
  • UI improvements
  • Documentation
If you think about another feature that you want to add contact me and we can figure out how to add it.



  1. Excellent work! Can the war be readily deployed into tomcat 6/7. Any special configuration?

  2. Check the wiki:
    there are some configuration changes required to make it work on tomcat, but it should be working with those changes

  3. jBPM5 is the latest released community version of the jBPM. It is based on the BPMN 2.0 specification and supports the entire life cycle of the business process

  4. Hi, is there a plan to support data sources when creating components? e.g. a drop down list or table that is populated by an underlying database table?

  5. Hi

    Is it possible to include:
    - conditional rendering of UI elements?

    Thanks in Advance

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    This is a very old post from 2012, we are currently working with a different form modeller. Please check the jBPM 6 version and let us know if it fulfil your requirements. HTH

  7. I have the very same question for JBPM6 where would be the best place to put this question? Thanks

    1. Try the jBPM User Forums or the drools mailing list. I will be soon publishing a blog post that explains how you can code your own forms. Not sure if that will work for you, but it will give you the ultimate flexibility to retrieve data and define which widgets are shown under different circumstances.

    2. Thank You, must say I have already looked at these Forums and not finding what I am looking for.
      I see you road map at: but that is also a 2012 post. Which definitely sounds like something we are looking for. However on the jBPM Forums even for the most recent posts: I see people are still plugging their own front ends in. Thanks in advance.

    3. You can always plug your front ends or collaborate with the community initiative to improve what we have now. For the long term I see the participation in the community as a win-win situation. Nowadays as I mention in my previous comment there is a way to basically code your forms using the uberfire framework and hook that into the task list. That will allow you to call external services, add complex widgets or anything that you cannot do in a business oriented tool like the form modeller.


  8. It would be great to be able to customize and contribute to the community however... I am having issues building the console on windows and not having much luck getting around this issue.
    I am having the exact issue here:

    However every suggestion I have tried has been without luck. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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    I am new to JBPM (7.28) and took a tour of form components in the form modeler. I found select field(combo box) missing, but as per many reviews, it was available before migration to kie-wb-common-forms. Also if the combobox is not available is it possible to create custom components with custom datasource?

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