Friday, October 04, 2013

Drools and jBPM 6 Free Workshops (23/24 October - London)

Hi All, I would like to invite everyone to a couple of developer oriented workshops about the tools in the newest Drools and jBPM releases (6 series). The main idea of these workshops is to introduce developers to the new set of features and tooling provided by the projects.

We (Michael Anstis and I) will be showing how to configure and set up your working environment to work, customize and contribute to these projects.
We will be trying to cover the following topics:
  • General Overview about the tools
  • Distributions and Modules
  • Technology Stack
  • How to setup your working environment
  • How to extend/customize the tooling
If you are brave enough and want to know the low level technical details of the tooling, please bring your laptop and be prepared to download the code and compile it in your own environment. We will assist you in the process and give you all the pointers to fix issues or provide new features.
Michael will be in charge of the Drools Side of the platform and I (Salaboy) will be in charge of the BPM side of the tooling. If you are planning to start using these tools, we encourage you to attend to see the new features and get a high level overview about all the new things that are coming with the new version.
The place and the coffee will be sponsored by Plug Tree and the workshops will take place on the 23rd and 24th of October at No. 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8JR From 3pm to 5pm+.  Seats are very limited, and because workshops are free you need to get in touch with us (salaboy at redhat dot com) if you are planning to attend. We will probably send you details of what you need to download before coming to the workshop so as not to depend on the local internet connection.



  1. Any chance you could also offer this as a webinar? I can understand it'd be difficult to support interacting with people who are off-site, but I'd love to see/hear the workshops (either live, or recorded) even if I can't participate directly.

    1. Hi Lisa, I'm afraid that we don't have enough infrastructure or time to organize that, but I will do my best. I will publish some of the workshop content in the next weeks, so probably you can use that and ask questions in the blog

    2. Thank you. That would be greatful for offshore people.