Friday, November 08, 2013

Cloud optimization with OptaPlanner video

Yet another video, to prepare for the 6.0 final release :)


  1. Hi Geoffery,

    Im using optaplanner for a Virtual Machine planning problem. The planner does run and give me an output, but the time it takes is around 2 mins with very few inputs. Initially I thought, the planner is hung, but I did get results after some time.
    Problem is I do not even get log messages as to what is happening. Is it normal for the planner to take so long, or I need to do some tuning on the algorithm being used?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  2. @Sapna Turn on trace logging to find out what's going on:

    Also use the benchmarker on datasets of different sizes, to see how scaling affects the issue:

    Normally, in Tabu Search, I have a step every second or so (and tweak acceptedCountLimit to accomplish that). In Late Acceptance, I have far more steps.
    Your average calc count per second (see last log message in output) should be at least 1000.

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