Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Activity Insight coming in Drools & jBPM 6.2

The next Drools and jBPM 6.2 release will include new Activity pages, that provides insight into projects. Early versions of both features should be ready to test drive in the up coming beta2 release, end of next week.

The first Activity page captures events and publishes them as timelines, as a sort of social activities system - which was previous blogged in detail here.  Notice it also now does user profiles This allows events such as "new repository" or "file edited" to be captured, indexed and filtered to be displayed in custom user dashboards. It will come with a number of out of the box filters, but should be user extensible over time.

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We have a video here, using an old CSS and layout. The aim is to allow for user configurable dashboards, for different activity types.

We have also added GIT repository charting for contributors, using the DashBuilder project. There is a short video showing this in action here.

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  1. Hi, I have integraed drools and jbpm 6.1.0.Final in my application on websphere via spring. But looks like loading of KieBase is done using File lookup and not through classpath. Our application is deployed in .ear file and all teh .bpmn and .drl files are packaged inside that. Hence it is not able to do a file lookup. We need to place it outside and provide absolute path of the file system for it to work. Is there any reason it is been done like that or am i missing something? any help will be appericiated.

  2. This isn't the best place to ask those Qs, especially on an unrelated post. Please try one of the forums http://drools.org/community/forum.html

    1. Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience. i will post the questions in community forum.