Monday, April 27, 2015

Cell Merging, Collapsing and Sorting with Multiple Large Interconnected Decision Tables

Last month I showed you videos for our proof of concept work, using Lienzo, to see how viable HTML5 canvas is for multiple large interconnected decision tables.

Michael's made more progress adding cell merging and collapsing as well are sorting columns. All still working on truly massive interconnected tables.

We plan to make the generic core of this work available as a Lienzo grid component in the future. Although we still need to figure out different data types for cells and how to do seamless in-cell editing rather than a popup.

(click to turn on 720p HD and full screen)


Domain Extensions for Data Modeller

Walter is working on adding domain extensions to the Data Modeller. This will allow different domains to augment the model - such as custom annotations for JPA or OptaPlanner. Each domain is pluggable via a "facet" extension system. Currently, as a temporary solution, each domain extension is added as an item in the toolbar, but this will change soon. In parallel to this Eder will be working on something similar to Intellij's Tool Windows for side bars. Once that is ready those domain extensions plugged in as facets and exposed via this tool window capability. Here is a video showing JPA and it's annotations being used with the Data Modeller.

(Click to  turn on 720p HD and full screen)