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Monday, December 07, 2009

Drools Planner (AKA Drools Solver) Devoxx presentation movie

Thanks to Parleys Beta, I am proud to present:
Examination timetabling with Drools Planner - the movie
Actually, it's not as much a movie as it is a Devoxx 2009 presentation.

Click here to watch it full screen at

I made a few updates since the live presentation at Devoxx, such as the rename from Drools Solver to Drools Planner.

Just before posting this blog, David alerted me of a small (but embarrassing) calculation mistake in one of the slides. Can you find it?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Drools Solver at Devoxx (Javapolis)

Devoxx (AKA Javapolis) is little more then a week away.

I 'll be holding a BOF presentation about the examination timetabling problem and how I 've solved it with Drools Solver. So you are welcome at my BOF on monday 16 november at 20:00.

Here's a preview of one the slides, which shows a tiny examination instance:

Update: I 've posted an article on DZone which explains that slide in detail.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drools solver Javapolis 2007 slides

The BOF was a success and as promised, I 've posted the slides online:
People asked a bunch of interesting questions afterwards.
One question I felt I left a bit unanswered: how do you weigh your constraints in DRL? So, here's a code example that should answer that question too:

rule "twoExamsInARow"
// ...
insertLogical(new IntConstraintOccurrence(
10, // weight
$leftExam, $rightExam));

rule "twoExamsInADay"
// ...
insertLogical(new IntConstraintOccurrence(
1, // weight
$leftExam, $rightExam));

rule "softConstraintsBroken"
$total : Double() from accumulate(
IntConstraintOccurrence($weight : weight),

So the 2 in a row constraint is 10 times heavier than the 2 in a day constraint.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drools solver @ Javapolis

I 'll hold a Drools Solver BOF at Javapolis 2007 on Tuesday December 11th at 20:00. You're all invited :)
Take a look at the schedule here.
Take a look the contents of the BOF here.

The drools solver manual has also been expanded with more info about the examples:
Take a look at the updated manual here.

The manual now contains some insight about the problem size of the examples. Did you know that the traveling tournament example nl16 finds a feasible solution out of 2,45064610271441678267620602e+259 possible solutions?

And of course I 've added some more eye candy: